Professional Executive Program

Professional Executive Program enables professionals to customize their professional and career development. Participants are provided tools and resources to assist them in developing their specific career requirements; setting annual goals; and targeting opportunities.

Professional Executive Program (PEP) provides individualized education allowing the learner to actively participate in developing their own professional development plan (PDP) to meet their short- and long-term career and education goals.

Professional Executive Program is advantageous for those who require education designed to meet their specific goals; have an erratic schedule; prefer a particular delivery method; or prefer learning in a non-traditional environment.

As a professional executive learner, you can choose to customize the content, pace, and sequence of courses. PEP allows you to pave the optimal path for your knowledge acquisition and development.

Professional executive learners may request to take courses that are not part of their chosen program. Learners may also request courses that HL may not currently offer. If HL has the capabilities, we will design the course for the learner otherwise we will do our best to locate another education provider that may offer the desired course.

Learners will be provided with a professional development plan to assist with defining and articulating their career and professional development goals. Completing the plan will be valuable to to clarifying and achieving learner's professional goals. Sharing the plan with us is optional but doing so will allow us to better assist the learner with executing their plan. With the rapid pace of change, it is imperative to have the control and flexibility to adapt and transform yourself. This is key to learning to succeed in a changing world. PEP is another HL offering to assist learners in this quest.

Who would benefit from being in PEP?
Professional Executives
  • who have time constraints making standard 3 and 4 hours classes impractical
  • who need personalized/customized content to achieve a specific need
  • who desire a customized schedule due to having a hectic, erratic or unusual schedule
  • who desire to learn in a non-traditional environment or location

What are the benefits of PEP? Professional Executives can
  • customize course content
  • customize the sequence of courses if all prerequisite courses have been completed
  • change course location
  • additional costs may be incurred depending on the instructor’s travel requirements
  • change session schedule (dependent upon instructor availability)
  • cancel sessions
  • use any session for consultative learning whereby they may receive consulting services to assist them in applying the subject matter to a project or task related to job or business.

Course Structure
Our standard 15 – 18 hour courses are condensed into 8 hours and divided into short (approximately 2-hour) sessions. Sessions are held once per week providing the learner ample time to complete any assignments. Courses are designed to be completed within a month. Learners have the option to adjust course schedule.

Professionals pay a monthly tuition fee until all courses have been completed.

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